Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Harmoni Drink

"Harmoni Drink, the great natural way to help you in conceiving baby with better chance and luck!"

It was a long and difficult journey to conceiving a baby.
My long-waited second baby. 

Despite all the hardship in seeking help through TMC, western medicine approach, surgery, etc, I took supplements, lots of expensive and inexpensive, premium or basic types of health supplements to build foundation, boost health and immunity, so as to increase chance of conception. 

I took Royal Jelly capsules on daily basis. 1000mg, 2 capsules a day. 
I took 1 tablet of Multi-vitamins and 5mg of folid acid, in most days. 

But, there was this only-sure supplement I took without fail when being introduced to, Harmoni drink, from Totalife. 

So many live testimonials I have seen and heard, including my own sister who suffered from irregular menstruation period and weak womb health, and wasn't able to conceive easily, according to her gynae, and got pregnant after consuming it for over 3months!

No exaggeration, no faking of tributes, it was only by worth of mouth, from surrounding friends and family, not to mention those willing beneficiaries featured in the product write-ups and presses. 

Simple direction of consumption. Both men and women are able to take. 
If husband is weak in productivity, or having prostate health issue, this is certainly a great idea for him to take together, too. 

I took twice a day, morning and before bed time. A sachet each time, mixed into half a cup of warm water. That's it. 

To warm your womb, to balance hormone (for fertility), to boost husband's productivity health, to increase overall immunity, so as to elevate interest in having your 'baby dancing' in both (smile). That were what we had well benefited from. 

The only supplement I took, religiously on daily basis. 

In less than 6 months, I conceived. :)

** Contact me, if you need help in getting this great Harmoni drink with DISCOUNTS. I will feed you with more details. Trust me, speaking of as live testimonial with a lovely baby. 

* More pictures and product information to be revealed in My Wok Life, under Star Features, soon. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bird Nest as Tonic Food During Pregnancy

One of the tonic food I would recommend to consume, preferably on daily or bi-daily basis, is the bird nest, if it isn't too taxing on your financial expenses. 

I ate the readily consumable bottled bird nest every morning since the 5th month into my pregnancy until the final month right before popping my son. 

The reason I mentioned bird nest, as there are just too many benefits to have bird nest during pregnancy, for both the mum and baby, in my opinion and experience. One of the most obvious benefits is the fair and smooth complexion my son had at birth, and now still. For mum, the greatest benefit for mum, speedy recovery from weak body. Felt the back-coming energy and strength within days after birth. 

The types of bird nest I had, there were two. For convenience sake on daily consumption, I had the premium readily consumable 'dry-form' bird nest (with or without sweetened) in bottle. It is genuinely fresh, made from top-graded bird nest wedges, and so, it expires pretty quick. Its freshness could lasts no more than 4 weeks in the refrigerator, once opened. Eh, not the liquid rock sugared type. This premium one I am referring to cost way more than the later (~S$180 per bottle). Not sure if I should just write the brand here, but I guess you might already knew which brand I am talking about. If not? PM me to check. Otherwise, I would have to ask for advertorial fee from them. :D

As for the second type I had on occasion, was the slow-cooked/ double boiled soup. More effort to put in for cooking it from raw unprocessed bird nest, but you get different kind of satisfaction out of it. More contended as you sure appreciate the hard work you or your loved one put in to cook it. See my recipe in My Wok Life, if keen. :)

As in where did I get my supply for raw unbleanched bird nest wedges? I will help you, if you ask me. Come on email me, or leave your comment here, or post in my FaceBook page, to check. Cheap and great supplies of this goodness I am having. :D

Fisher-Price Toys for My Baby

If you want me to name popular brand(s) for baby toys in Singapore, I would tell you, Fisher-Pricer, for many mums not only in Singapore, and USA. Perhaps, the world. 

My son has so many toys from Fisher-Price, and it is just never-enough for me to buy for him more and more. There are still many other varieties I want out there, off the shelves. 

I bought other baby products of Fisher-Price, too, but toys were the basic buys. 

My son loves playing with FP toys, of course. He has a few favorite toys which he would play almost everyday. Other than the detachable handset from the Leapfrog walker, his alternate play phone would be the FP mobile phone, as his favorite.

I thought the design of his FP mobile phone was rather classically back to the 90s era where we all carried the black bulky Motorola cell phone and were so proud of having a cell phone like this, I kinda love my son to have a classic designed phone like I did, too. Yea, by looking at this resembling FP toy phone, it reminds me of my fond memories back then. :)

Most importantly, with all the playable buttons on the key pad, this toy keeps my son entertained for long.